Importance of jeans for fashion

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Importance of jeans for fashion

Importance of jeans on the fashion world

It seems very hard for everyone to imagine a closet that does not include at least a pair of jeans, as this garment is now part of the basics and has turned an essential piece of the fashion world.

“Jeans have evolved since they were launched as a piece for work wear, they have changed and nowadays we can see more styles than ever with new colors, washes, finishes and fits so that everyone can find the right pair according to their own style”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, about this topic.

Jeans have become essential not only for those persons who love wearing denim, but for everyone as they seem to be more popular each year as people realizes about the many advantages of possessing a pair, such as the comfort, resistance and versatility, and most of them are very affordable, so it is hard to think about not wearing a pair of jeans at least once a week.

Jeans have become essential on the fashion world, with many different styles, and among the most popular ones we can find the boot cut, straight, skinny and boyfriend jeans, but there are plenty of fits, each one designed for specific needs of the consumers, according to their height, body type and very own style, jeans do not only make you feel free, as you can move easily with them, but they also will make you look great.

One of the main advantages of jeans is their versatility, and that is why the fashion world has embraced them since they realized how easy it is to combine this garment with any other clothes manufactured with any material and at any color.

People is more interested about the fashion world and its different trends, so with that in mind, they have decided to include more jeans to their wardrobe and make plenty of different combinations with them, as you can wear a pair of jeans for each day of the week, in many different occasions and most places, you can get a casual look with them, going to a club at night or you can wear them at the office, everything with just the same pair of jeans by combining them with different tops and footwear.

“Jeans can be combined in many different ways, and the fashion world is accepting and including them in more styles, as well as many other garments manufactured in the same fabric”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.