Outfits to make your mornings simpler

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Outfits to make your mornings simpler

Outfits that will make your morning much simpler

It has happened to most of us that we are in a rush in the morning and the fewer things we want to deal with is “what to wear”, so this article will show you some basic outfits that will make this task easier and mornings less complicated.

“It is important to have basic garments that you can use to make different outfits, among them there are denim clothes that combine with everything we have in the closet”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

The following outfits will show you how easy it is to look good every when you are in a hurry:

Outfits for school:

  • A relaxed look is great for complicated mornings and you can make it easy with a plain t-shirt and distressed boyfriend jeans (cuff them so they look very chic), complement it with chunky heels.
  • You can combine a white pair of jeans with a sweater in vivid colors with ankle boots.
  • An oversized denim shirt is essential in a girl’s closet. Combine this garment with boot cut jeans and boots; this is a basic and very interesting look.

Outfits for the office:

  • Always remember to have a black blazer in your closet as it will help you in many different occasions. Combine it with a striped shirt and straight jeans or dress pants and pumps.
  • A floral print blouse, a midi skirt and your heels are also a great solution.
  • Flare jeans are perfect for the office; combine them with a silk blouse in neutral tones.
  • Combining your trousers with a buttoned up shirt and your favorite pumps will give you an elegant look for the office.

“The more denim garments you have in your closet, the more combinations you can make, as they adapt to any styles”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.