Looks for men with denim garments

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Looks for men with denim garments

Getting the best look for men with denim garments

Denim has evolved significantly since it was first used to manufacture work wear. This fabric is one of the most popular in the present and it seems to have a great future, so we will dedicate this article to this fabric and to show men how they can get the best looks with it.

“You can find plenty of different denim garments for men, such as vests, coats, jackets, and, of course, jeans. This is a very resistant and comfortable fabric, and you can always create plenty of different looks with it as it combines well with everything”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, about this topic.

Here are some combinations that will help men getting amazing looks with their denim garments:

  • Classic look – This is a very comfortable way of wearing a double denim style by combining your favorite pair of jeans with a denim jacket. You can try with this combination for your weekends’ outfits.
  • Urban look – Distressed jeans are a trend on men’s fashion styles, if you do not have a pair, add them to your closet and combine them with a denim shirt, another basic on a man’s wardrobe. This combination is very useful for an informal reunion with friends. Remember that accessories are very important too.
  • Casual look – It is important to choose the color of the jeans correctly, if the event is very informal, your lighter jeans will do just fine; however, if you want to have a more formal outfit, choose your darker jeans and combine it with a denim shirt and a discreet tie. The tops will also make the difference, so choose between a jacket and a casual sweater, depending on the occasion.

“There are multiple ways to add a denim garment in your daily outfits, so it is important to keep the basic garments made of this material at the closet”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.