Garments for a College girl

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Basic garments for a College girl

Basic garments for a College girl

A girl’s routine changes drastically when they have to go to College, they leave different experiences and they must deal with different feelings, lack of time and compromises, so to make a part easier, we will tell you which are the basic garments that will complement your wardrobe so you can choose what to wear quickly and feel comfortable with it.

“A pair of jeans is essential at a wardrobe at any ages and for every gender, as they are versatile and with all different types available, you can easily find the one for your own style”, advised Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

If you are at College, you know how limited your time is, but when you have the basics at your wardrobe, you can get a great outfit easily:

  • Black and white sneakers – Footwear plays an important role on a girl’s outfit, and sneakers will not only make you feel comfortable, they will also give you a very cool look.
  • Basic jeans – One of the basics for a College girl and everyone else is a good pair of jeans, have a blue, black and white version at the closet.
  • A comfortable t-shirt – If you have a comfortable white tee, you can create plenty of different styles, wear it as much as you like with many distinct combinations.
  • A denim skirt – You will feel fresh and move easily with a denim skirt, and you can combine it easily as any other garment manufactured with this fabric.
  • A denim vest – It will always add an extra to your outfit, and you can wear it with plenty of different garments, such as denim short, a skirt, jeans or a little black dress

“There are basic garments that must be at a closet, among them we should always keep a white shirt and jeans that will make it easier to choose what to wear”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.