Mistakes on outfits

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mistakes on outfits

Fashion mistakes on outfits

When we talk about fashion, it is very easy to make mistakes that we are not even aware of, but do not worry as there are many errors that can be easily avoided and this time we will tell you how.

“The main rule about fashion is to wear those clothes that fit you well and make your feel good, wearing an outfit with confidence is a great way to look amazing”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

Here are some common mistakes on the fashion world that can be easily fixed:

  • Wearing the wrong size – It is easy to identify if we are wearing the wrong size. If it is too lose you will have to change it, if it is too tight, change it too. Do not be afraid to try on different sizes until you finding the right one, remembering that the sizes vary from brand to brand.
  • Too much glow – Although shiny clothing is pretty fashionable, the excess of glowing is only for jewelry, not for garments, so be careful with it.
  • Dirty or torn clothes – Although distressed jeans or dirty sneakers are trendy, you should make sure not to abuse from this fashion style.
  • Excess of trends – There are some colors or prints that are a trend each season, do not mix them all at the same time. Instead, wear them in different outfits, this way; you have more options for your looks.
  • Wearing the same color – A monochromatic outfit is great, but remember to always add something of a different color; it can be an accessory, your handbag or shoes.

“It is easy to make some common mistakes when trying to find your own style, but it is important that you try with different outfits until you find the ones that will reflect your essence and will make you feel confident”, advised Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, about this topic.