Combining leather and denim

blog author   December 12, 2016   Comments Off on Combining leather and denim

Combining leather and denim

Leather and denim making an irresistible combination

If you love wearing leather jackets and you are not entirely sure about how to combine them, we have a proposal for you, why not wearing them with your denim clothes? This article will give you some interesting tips to make amazing outfits.

“Denim is a very versatile fabric that combines with many different textiles and leather is not an exception, one of the most popular combinations is a leather jacket with a pair of jeans”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

If you want to combine your leather jackets with the denim clothes in your closet, here are some options:

  • With denim skirts – A leather jacket will always look fine with a denim skirt, you can combine it with your favorite heels or you can wear sneakers for a more casual look. If the weather is colder, do not forget to include tights in your outfit and long boots to protect your legs from cold.
  • With jeans – You cannot go wrong when you combine your favorite leather jacket with a good pair of jeans. Complement your outfit with a white shirt and ankle boots for a rocking style or with red heels for a more feminine one.
  • With jeggings – This is an option for girls who love to wear leggings in a different way, jeggings are similar and just as comfortable but they look like jeans. They are perfect for the season.
  • With a denim dress – If you do not know what to wear over your denim dress, a leather jacket is a great option; you will have an effortless and pretty fashionable look.

“Jeans have become an essential part of a wardrobe, and there is no wonder why, you can make plenty of different outfits with a pair, like combining them with a leather jacket or a denim jacket this season, depending on your style”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.