Importance of black on style

Importance of black on style

Why black color is so necessary for style?

Black color is associated as a basic element on fashion, it is sophisticated, and adds a dramatic, fancy and chic touch to any look, but since this is a very strong color, it is absolutely necessary to use it correctly, if you are a huge fan of this color, we will give you some interesting tips as to how to incorporate it on your daily looks.

“Black jeans are commonly chosen for the great appearance they give to a complete outfit, for being easy to combine and to dye if the colors fades out after several washes, which is another advantage of denim”, advised Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

Here are some advices as to how to use black color on your style:

  • Eyeliner – Black eyeliner is a very versatile one, so much that you can either wear it on a day in the office or to go out to a club at night. Try with an eye cat delineate for the perfect touch.
  • Footwear – When you are not sure about what shoes to wear, always go for the black option, there are many different shoes available, from heels to boots, and they will complement great your outfits.
  • Little black dresses – Every woman must have a black dress at her wardrobe, this is a very useful garment as you can wear it at all occasions, if you combine it with red heels, you will look very sophisticated.
  • Accessories – You must own at least a black necklace, it gives a perfect touch of elegance to any outfit.

“Black jeans are a great ally when putting an outfit together, they combine just as well with a shirt, a sweater or a jacket, and jeans do not only look great, they are also very comfortable, which makes them a great choice”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.