Jeans for the perfect ocassion

jeans for the perfect ocassion

Correct jeans for the perfect ocassion

We have talked about denim jeans as worldwide clothing. Today, women dress in denim jeans for all kind of occasions, all of them are made of denim fabric, but, the difference between them would be the color, if they are adjusted or loose, pockets, design, etc. The truth is that this clothe is the most popular fashion clothe because it could be used for any occasion, the key is to choose the correct jeans for the perfect occasion.

Here are the most popular styles; the correct thing to do is to try different styles and to choose the one that makes you feel more comfortable:

  • Boyfriend styles are wide fit completely loose, they are so long that you can also fold the hem; most of them have a vintage look because the idea of this model is to pretend you’re wearing your boyfriend’s jeans.
  • Skinny jeans are very famous; these are adjusted to the body, from the thigh until the hem.
  • A Straight fit jean is a classic, adjusted at the seat and straight legs.
  • Nowadays, flare jeans are back in fashion, these are adjusted to the seat and wide all the way down, the wider part starts at the knee until the bottom hem. When to use them? Well, the classic would be the straight fit, because this is perfect to combine with blazers, jackets and coats, skinny fit is also great for an office look
  • Tall women could use all kind of shoes; short women must use high heels when wearing flare jeans, platforms are the best because it will add a hippie look.

Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, as a president of a manufacturing company, expressed his comments about all the different styles.”For me, the boyfriends are perfect for a summer weekend, so these are my favorites now, because of the vacation period”, said the president of Grupo Denim.