The best of denim for Summer

denim summerGet the best of denim this Summer!

Summer is the best time of the year to make those funny and fresh combinations that you cannot get on cold days, so this time we will show you some unique combinations you can get with denim:

  • Distressed boyfriend jeans – When it comes to denim, jeans are on first site, but they change from season to season and for summer, when weather is really hot, the best option are the light denim jeans, and a good idea is to wear your distressed boyfriend jeans, they will not only help you keeping it cool but will for sure give you a stylish look.
  • High Waist denim shorts – Of course, Summer is for shorts, but one style that is now trendy is the high waist one, combine them with your favorite colorful shirts, denim garments are some of the most versatile ones, so get advantage of it and make as many combinations as you can.
  • Denim shirts – If you don’t have a light wash denim shirt, you should be getting it as you will see them during the Summer months, make sure you get the ones with the lighter weight as they are cooler, there are plenty of different shades of blue so you can make many different combinations with your denim shirts.
  • Denim pencil skirts – These skirts are taking a tremendous popularity and no wonder why, even celebrities are wearing them, these types of skirts will make you look absolutely chic.
  • Skinny cargo pants – They became popular 6 years ago and they do not seem to stop, the skinny cargo pants are very popular now, so get your own and combine them with a white blouse, you will have a casual and yet beautiful outfit.

“Summer is for colors, and one advantage of wearing denim clothes is that you can combine them with any type of colors, so it is highly recommendable to have garments made of this popular fabric”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.