Jeans for plus sizes

plus sizes jeansBest jeans for plus sizes

Jeans look great on all type of bodies, they are easy to combine with your clothes, shoes and accessories, and will never be out of fashion, so investing on a pair of jeans actually worth it, as this is a basic piece that must be on any wardrobe. This time, we will tell you more about the best options of jeans for plus sizes.

“Jeans look great on everyone, they can be worn at any occasions and at all places, that is why they continue being so popular”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

The best type of jeans for plus sizes are those made with a thin denim material, especially with a cotton and spandex composition, so the jeans can stretch out. When looking for a pair of jeans on plus sizes, make sure they have the word “stretch” on their description. The stretch effect on a pair of jeans for plus sizes will give you a sexy look.

Another important aspect is the placement of the back pockets on the jeans, for plus sizes, the lower the back pockets are the best they will look.

When talking about plus sizes, one option you would like to avoid are the high waist jeans, flare jeans are just the right choice as they give a thinner look especially on the thighs and butt area.

Remember to always try on a few jeans and do not guide by a size, sizes change drastically depending on the type of fit, fabric used, washes or even brands, so always look at the jeans by their shape and try them on until you identify the one you feel more comfortable with.

Finally, dark colors are great for a slim effect, so when choosing your jeans go for the darker shades of blue or black denim jeans.

“It is amazing to see the popularity of jeans, every day, more people sees the importance of having a pair of them on their closet, as these garments last for too long and they can be worn at all seasons”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.