Synthetic Fiber

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Synthetic Fiber

Information on Synthetic Fiber

The more important Synthetic fiber are over 40, such as nylon 6 (also known as the Nylon 6) is one of them. It is containing six carbon atoms compounds caprolactam monomer polymerization to form, therefore, also known as polyamide 6, foreign goods zaleplon.

First monomer (caprolactam) and the initiator, stability, etc. according to a certain proportion of measurement, input melting pot, heated to melting, with pump fluid into filters to remove the particles were not fully melted; to enter the high groove flow metering pump, on time quantitative fluid into the tube polymerization. At this time of the temperature reaches 260′ C, heating monomer changes, like extending the general shake hands with each other, like a long link of a chain of the polymer  (known as) Nylon 6 or poly Amide 6, which is nylon 6 melt.

Polycaprolactam outflow from the lower part of the polymerization, spinning through a spinneret, the filaments in the cold water tank solidification. Then, the filaments to pull together a bunch beam (called cluster), the direction of a certain amount of distraction straightened out so that the long-chain molecules along the fiber axis direction with neat, thus increasing the density of molecular between spelled, so that they molecular among the “unity” more closely, re-curling, thereby greatly improving the fiber strength.

Subsequently, the use of hot water washing tow the residual monomers, at the same time play the role of stereotypes, in order to ensure stability of the physical properties of fibers. Even after washing in a to improve the feel fiber, textile and fiber processing in a difficult electrostatic effect. after the fiber in a hot air dryer in the dryer, cut off. In pressing machine on the final package, send spinning plant can be used for processing.

Lun 6 fiber cotton filament and staple fiber are two types. Filament could produce tires curtain line, fishing nets, ropes, conveyor belt, tent cloth, and so on. Short fiber is used to produce net bags, toothbrushes, Yishua, such as nylon rope.

Synthetic fiber is a linear polymer synthetic raw materials for the chemical fiber collectively, there are many varieties of synthetic fibers added the president of Grupo Denim, Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal.