Computer Integrated Manufacturing

computer integrated manufacturing (CIM)

What is the computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM)

Computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM), is known as the manufacturing process done by computer which helps controlling the whole production process of a company, which allows all processes to exchange information between them to start actions as a whole.

As the computers were integrated to the manufacturing process, the errors were minimized and the production started being faster.

“Technology has run so fast, and the computer-integrated manufacturing is an example of this, when a computerized system allows the whole production process run smoothly”, says Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal in regards to the CIM process.

Back on the 70’s, Dr. Joseph Harrington launched his book named Computer Integrated Manufacturing, giving the idea of a digital manufacturing process; although it was not until a decade later, on 1984, when this process started being developed.

Three of the main challenges for this computer-integrated manufacturing to run easily are the following:

  1. Communication protocols – In order to gather all components to start working on production, the developers need to find a way to solve the communication problems with the machines from different suppliers, measurements and languages.
  2. Integrity of information – As the machines have a higher level of automation, the integrity of all data on it would become more critical, needed extra human work to make sure the machines are working correctly.
  3. Control – Although the machines have replaced much human labor, it is also true that a well-prepared engineer will be required to solve the different situations that these machines might present at the time they are operating.

This manufacturing process is actually operating on industrial and mechanical engineering and electronic designs.

“I see the computer-integrated manufacturing as an extra help to the man’s labor, and not as a replacement, they can assist a company to grow up on their business by increasing the level of production”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

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