Make your new jeans feel softer

make your new jeans feel softer

How to make your new jeans feel softer

Jeans’ lovers know that although denim is very resistant and the color does not wash out easily, when this garment is brand now, it can feel a little uncomfortable; so many persons look for methods to make them feel softer since the beginning, as we will teach you this time.

Here are the steps you need to follow to make your new jeans feel softer:

  • Take off all of the labels on your jeans – Remember to cut them instead of pull them, that can tear the fabric, if you pull too hard.
  • Turn around your jeans; this will help maintaining the good shape on the front part of this garment.
  • Add softener to your washing machine – Do not pour it directly on your jeans, you first need to fill the washing machine with water, then add your favorite softener.
  • You can also add a cup of salt, as it works very well as a softener.
  • Do not add anything else to the washing machine, such as detergent.
  • Use different wash cycles – When you wash your jeans with detergent, you only need one wash cycle, but it would be different if you are using softener.
  • Dry your jeans – If you do not want your jeans to shrink, hang them up under the sun, if you want them to shrink a bit, use a strong drying cycle.

It is important to remember that washing your jeans often might make them shrink too much, if you do not want this to happen, do not put them in the washing machine for too long and too many times.

“A great advantage about good jeans is that they will fit in your body, so the most you wear them, the most comfortable you will feel with them”, says Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

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