Dressing colors

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Dressing colors

Colors used for dressing play a very important role

Your image has a very significant role wherever you go; therefore, choosing the right tones when dressing can determine different circumstances, like getting a job when going to an interview. For this reason, when dressing, you need to make sure you are causing a good impression by picking up the right colors and accessories.

“The phrase, the first impression counts is right, as it is in the way we dress that can make a difference or contribute in order to get or not those goals we are reaching for”, commented Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

Experts in clothing confirm that dressing can affect on the perception that other persons have about you, so each color can help processing feelings or information about the person who is wearing them.
These are some colors and their effects, as well as some ideas as to how to combine them with your clothes:

  • Navy Blue – An ideal color to use on job interviews, combined with white clothing projects peace and trust to another person.
  • White – Color of optimism and honesty, organized personas who try to transmit their trust usually wear this color.
  • Grey – A color who talks about a person who uses logical and analytical thoughts.
  • Yellow – Wear this color on a wise way, for it is worn by smart and innovative people, but much of this color can eyestrain your interviewer.
  • Black – This color can show a quiet and reserved person, as well as elegant, this is a strong color, worn by people who shows leadership.
  • Red – Shows a passionate and creative person.

The details of your clothing play an important role, as well as the accessories you add, so choose the right ones to complement your outfit, remember that less is more when it comes to accessories.
“It is not necessary to spend such a huge amount of money to get a professional vestment, what is most important is to know how to invest your money in clothes with which you can make the right combinations”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.