Tips to buy jeans

blog author   December 25, 2015   4 Comments on Tips to buy jeans

Tips to buy jeans

Tips to buy the perfect jeans for you

Years ago choosing a pair of jeans was relatively easy as they were worn for work only; however, fashion has evolved and with this, the use of jeans, as this type of garment is more popular every day.

The varied designs have make a harder task to go on shopping, especially when you try to choose the right jeans for you.

For this reason, on this note we will give you some basic tips that you can apply when buying your jeans:

  • Color – Remember that the darker jeans are, the thinner shape you will get. When choosing your jeans with designs, be sure of the areas in your body that you want to stand out, the ones degraded from the upper part down can make your hips to look wider.
  • Size – Remember that your jeans can get 2 inches bigger after a few times they are worn, so remember this when buying your jeans, if you are not so sure about picking up the right size, try to fit your hand between denim and your skin, if you can slide your hand without problem, the most recommendable would be to get a smaller size.
  • Length – In order to get the right length, it is important to consider the high your heles are, if you wear high heels, the best thing to do would be for you to wear them when going on shopping, that way you will make sure you are getting the correct jeans, remember that hem must not cover more than 3/4 of your heels.
  • Price – The difference between some economic jeans and the more “expensive” ones mainly consist on the quality of fabric, as the latter are most durable, if you want to make sure about this, try both and you will see how the most expensive ones fit better in your body.

“The best way of choosing the correct jeans would be taking into account different factors, such as a good fabric, brand and type of fit, but above all, make sure you buy a garment that can be worn comfortably, as, at the end, the main object is to buy jeans that can be comfortable and stylish ad the same time”, was the opinion of Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.